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    Training guilde

    Post  Kira on Thu Aug 11, 2011 5:58 am

    well if mag made a guide so will eye (get it eye.... as in ey forget it) Razz

    ok so heres a guide for ppl to train fast in places with lots of ppl (lots of ppl is not a good thing)

    Lvl 1-10 the beginner quests (for adventurer just skip it and train on snails) or u can do it

    Job adv. pick a first job

    Lvl 11-21 blue ribbin pigs

    Lvl 22-30 rotting skeletons (there in NLC) thay have grate exp and there are no ppl there (kinda)

    Job adv. there all the same. the hardest one is for Cleric i/l and f/p because its a big map and there are only 3 spawns so there going to take forever

    Lvl 30-37 click on the light thingy on your head and look for endanger... do all the quest for the medal
    Lvl 30-... alternative #1 stay at rotting skeletons till u feel ready to go to the next training area
    Lvl 30-50 do the monster carnival and grind on rombots

    lvl 50-60 here comes the good/bad part go to deadscarcrows (there are lots of ppl but erip exp)

    Note:if u feel that u dont lvl fast enough try going to twisted jesters (u will find out that it will take a long time to kill them but! killing 1 twisted jesters is = to 5 crows so plz thik about it be for u spaz out and calling me a big dumass for thinking u can kill twisted jesters

    P.s you'll feel that u would go to twisted jesters at around lvl 60-68

    Lvl ...-70 twisted jesters ALL THE WAY!!!!

    Job adv. dont try to find a short cut there is non this is not a guided on how to do ur job advs so plz search them on google or look for one in the forums

    lvl 70-85+ stay at twisted jesters by now u should be able to holed ur own there and not get ksed

    Lvl 85-100 Mp3 (mysterious path 3) this is a map that u can find at Singapore (hope i spelled that right) so once ur at singaport keep moving to the right >>> till u hit the map

    Lvl 100-110 go to pirates in herb town (by lvl 105 ur going to get pissed and nt want to train there)
    if that happens go to pvp and if u dont like Pvp then suck it up and kill them

    Lvl 110-idk yet i just know ur going to be there for a very long time
    go to LHC idk what its stands for but just go to elnath and click world make there should be a big castle somewhere in the map go get a party in ch1 and kill crocks (BTW STAY THE F@CK TOGETHER!!) if u dont want to stay together try killing one all on ur own im going to half my ass off if u do

    comming up guides

    #1 Pvp guild: this is going to help u alot if ur bad at it
    #2 job adv guide
    #3 ask mag to help me make a guied on place with low ppl but not as good exp
    ( i was aculy thinking of getting a new comp and making this on youtube plz tell me if u would watch it?)

    if u have any question plz ask me in game or our alliance (comming soon)

    well i hope this helps u lvl and make us a better guild

    1xtheherox1 for helping me get lvl 100+ info
    max and mag for telling me about the training spots
    me for making the guide Razz

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